Friday, October 28, 2005

It's been a long, long, long, long time....

Yes, I think that's from a Beatles song. Maybe not. In any case I've not written here for something on the order of 21 days, which, if you're in a play, isn't that long. We're about to open The Sound of Music in 7 days! MAH! It's a little daunting. But fun nonetheless.
I've been knitting, as I have some down time between singing in latin, and doing French homework.
My mom bought this beautiful hooded scarf quite a while ago, and I love it. However, the only problem is that it (of course) belongs to my mom. So, being the crafty knitter that I am, (not to mention being tired of a cold neck and back of head) I decided to make one of my own. After all, how hard can it be to knit a scarf, and put a hood on it? Not very hard at all.
Here's the parent, and origional:

It's kinda hard too see, but it's really darn cute! A friend said I looked like a mushroom head, I prefer to believe I'm either an elf or a gnome.

And, introducing the scarf! It's still in it's infancy. Sweet thing!

Everyone who sees me knitting it comments on the color. I got the yarn at a Street Fair for way less than a dollar. I purchased something like 10 skeins that day for about $6. So cool! I really wanted a skein of the recycled sari silk yarn, but not at a whopping $10 a skein. (That's expensive for a collge student who only works part time!) Maybe next year if I save my pennies.

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