Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Fairy Doll :Random Project

My aunt sent me a doll yesterday. It was a Christmas Elf, and while it was cute, something about the face spoke of Fairy potential. She sat on my windowsill all night until this afternoon when I began to strip her of the felt Christmas garb. It was hot glued and nasty work. But when I was done my work revealed such a delicate little face, almost eagerly gazing up into the heavens.

I like her very much, and I think that when she's done I'll like her even more.
Because I've never really done "dollmaking" before I'm documenting how I did/ am doing her hair. I have a big braid of my own hair from a past cutting. I selected several short locks, and for ease of attaching them to her head, I straightened the very curly hair.

I used an old pair of nylons and gave her the World's Smallest "do-rag" as a base to glue the sections of hair to. I could have glued them directly to her head, but I've simply chosen to use the "do-rag". My glue is good old wood glue, perhaps not the best choice, but that's what I've got. Next I select tiny sections of hair, gently rolling the cut ends to make the hairs form a brush like end.

Then I dipped it into the glue, wiping off the excess on the edge of the dish. To keep the amount of glue minimal, I squeezed the brushy-end gently until it stuck together and was slightly tacky.

Then I applied the lock VERY GENTLY to the "do-rag", smoothed it, and brushed a little more glue on top. It's not terribly pretty, but the extra glue ensures the sticking of the hair.

More tomorrow!

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