Saturday, January 6, 2007

Tender Shepherd

I love babysitting. I think I've babysat for almost ten years now. I've had a couple little rotters, but they have taught me how to effectively deal with screaming children.
The munchkin I babysit right now can be hyper at times, but is a good child. It's interesting to me to watch them. To think about what my life will be when I have my children. I will read to them and sing silly songs with them. I will teach them to grow up strong and healthy in this sometimes crazy world. I will treasure all of their special moments probable much more than I treasure the special moments I've already had with children past.
I just put the munchkin to bed, read a book, and waited until the child fell asleep. Watching the sleeping child with the arms crossed above the head made me think of the song from Peter Pan.

Tender Shepherd, tender shepherd
Let me help you count your sheep.
One in the garden,
Two in the meadow,
Three in the nursery,
fast alseep, fast asleep.

Good Night!

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