Monday, July 2, 2007

It's been a while!

Those Joseph Days are long gone! After a good week of rest the Pirates of Penzance showed up! Abducting almost all of Major-General Stanley's numerous daughters, they were, once again, waylaid by the Orphan Ploy. "All of the British Merchant ships can't be crewed by orphans!" Yet in the end Frederick got his gal and the Pirate King sailed off into the sunset.

In other news:

A monster from Where The Wild Things Are in inhabiting my rocking chair. His name is now Frederick and he is in dire need of repair. A horn is falling off, his head is coming unsewn. It's rather sad. But soon I will whip out my needle and thread, have him all patched up and sent him packing back to the library that is his home. He seems to be very entertained by the other Frederick in my life. Frederick Pierrepon. My Gnome.

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