Monday, July 30, 2007

Things I Love...

..granted, there are too many for one post, but I'll make do.

My rocking chair. I had one, growing up, and it became ever so many wonderful things. Pirate ships, and wagons, prison bars, castles. Now I have my own and it's often the place where I knit while I listen to books on tape.

Shadow. My Mannequin. A gift from a friend for one of my birthdays, I don't remember now. He's often a cut up, the bird is his constant companion, but but he always tries on my knitted and crochet creations with infinite paitence.

This is the first quilt block I'm actually happy with. All the others suck, I'll admit to the blogiverse right here. It's vaguely reminiscent of Harry Potter, eh?

My coffee cup. The first thing I go for in the morning, and a close companion whilst I knit. And my pirate mitts! I'm adoring them even though it won't be cold enough to wear them for some time yet. They're just so cute! Pattern modified from Hello Yarn's "We call them Pirates" mittens.

A corner of my bed. This is the place I hide when I want to read a book, or just relax for a bit from the rest of the world. Cozy, comfy, and rather spiffing if I do say so myself. I also love the pictures I've put up. Some are from a calendar of Romantic Era paintings by artists I adore. It's a little proof that I am a hopeless romantic, despite all my tomboy tendencies. The rest are pictures I've drawn, like that lady in red there. She's me, yet someone from a story I wrote, but partially from a magazine picture I saw once.
The twinkle lights left up from Christmas. I find them soothing and mysterious at the same time. Lastly, the pom-poms made from scraps of yarn and experiments with pom-pom makers. Don't worry, none of them touch the twinkle lights.

There are more things I love, but these shall suffice for now.

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