Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pardon the rather overwhelming amount of "sad" posts, but that's what I'm feeling. I feel alone. I feel like I have to throw up constantly. I feel so squished and open all at the same time it's a little maddening. I've lost him and I'm not sure how to proceed with my life alone. There is a lump in my throat that is not going away. There is an ache in my heart that cannot yet be relieved. I wonder if this is how old empty houses feel? Those achingly lovely turn of the century confections that make my heart happy. How do they feel when there are not people inside them? Rather like I do without my boy. I know it's going to take time, and I know I'll have good days again (like yesterday), but the bad days come and take all the sunshine away. All the hope I work up throughout the week to make it to the weekend that the next day won't suck as badly as this one does gets stolen away in one breath.

I have been told by some to have a meaningless fling with some random person as some party. That will ease the loss. Perhaps that would work for some people, but I am an artist. I feel things differently than some, and not at all for others. Music moves me, it surges through my very blood and makes me shiver. I told a friend once music does to me what alcohol and drugs do to others. That same heady, reckless, restless, feeling that sits in your heart and makes you move. You can't sit still. I can't sit still.
Relationships with people are similar. I ache with love when I watch someone I love sleep beside me. I drink in moments and save them for later, for winter when I'm cold, for being alone. The happy blissful golden moments that are kept in my soul. Mothers know this feeling, they drink in the ephemeral moments of their babies. The first words, first steps, first smiles, laughs. They soak it up and save it for later to soothe them when the child has become an adult and left.

Sitting alone is dangerous right now. Having no where to be, and nothing to do leave me restless and empty. Everyone is at work, or school, or running errands before I woke up and I'm left alone in my room with only the ghosts for company. Trying not to go crazy thinking about what I've lost, and hoping, praying for what is to come. If I had a cat, I would being cuddling it a lot right now. It makes me want something to care for again. A cat, a baby, something, anything. It makes me want to do a play or go to work just for the excuse of having to be somewhere. Sitting alone, something I relished when I was younger, is deadly to me now.

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