Friday, May 28, 2010

Etsy Update: Earrings!!

Not all of these are in my shop, but stay tuned as they trickle in during the next few days! Also, any helpful hints for writing copy? I feel that mine is always cheesy. :)-->> SHOP

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Status Quo

One would think, in this day and age that old stereotypes wouldn't prevail quite as much. For example, women can't do everything that men can. I work for a coffee shop and deal with every kind of person imaginable. Snotty business folk right down to homeless old men who crap in their pants in my store. Every colour in the human rainbow.
Because of the liquor store nearby, we get lots and lots of people who just ask for a cup of ice. As long as they don't cause trouble, yell, swear, or mess up my store, I don't have much problem acquiescing to their request. I don't like giving them ice because I know they're just going to drink for what ever reason they need to, but I do deal legal addictive stimulants, so cut me a little slack.
Then there are people who come in looking for a fight. They're having a bad day and they just need some poor bastard to yell at, or someone's store to thrash a little before security is called and they are kicked out. Take the guys who came in today for example. Carlos and his buddy, whom we can call Bob. Both are men of African American descent, and while skin colour doesn't matter one whit to me, they took offense when asked to leave by white girls.
It is in times like this where I wish I had one big burly bouncer sitting in my back room that I could ask to come out and settle matters. Truth is, I really don't. It's just us. My work has security, but it's comprised of older men who I have no doubt know what they're doing, but they are comfortable in what is mainly a desk job.
It's up to me and my co-workers to settle most matters in my store. We are the ones who quietly ask folks to leave, to stop swearing, to stop yelling, to stop being disruptive. Why are we the ones who have to take the slack so the suits can have their stupid cup of morning joe without any goundlings to bother them? Do any of them know the shit we take? Not many.
I just had to rant a little and express my admiration for my female co-worker who went out today and told two large black men they needed to leave. Who took their subsequent mouthing with a serene countenance and much grace. Who I am very grateful to call my friend.