Thursday, September 9, 2010

Got Rhythm?

Well, I am surviving.  I am not quite yet in the thriving mode, though I confess I am too hard on myself.  Here I am, stumbling admirably through my first week (got that, FIRST week) of Cornish and I'm already wanting to make more progress than is physically even possible.  I look forward to finding that groove, where I can be effortless in finding my class and knowing what comes next, instead of this herky-jerky sweaty hurry that I'm stuck in for the next little while.  It's really okay, I have made friends, and I have a locker and everything, but I'm not in the groove yet, and I so wish I was.

I did, however, find my most favourite place in the whole wide world.  Okay, the second most favourite, but still.  I found the costume shop.  Sad to say, I don't have pictures yet, but it's glorious.  Stacks of boxes of neatly labelled fabric.  Notions that could choke a horse.  Mannequins, scissors, sewing machines, and sergers, oh my!  I could live in there, with the exception that I doesn't include Nate.  Pictures are forthcoming, but for now it's just good old words.