Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cornish - Update 1 - WARNING: picture heavy post! ;)

It's high time I wrote a little about being at Cornish along with some pictures! I keep promising them, and not yet posted any here.  Cornish is amazing, it's kicking my butt in old ways, teaching me new things, and I'm finding muscles I haven't used in four years or so.  I have friends, I know my locker combinations, and I think I am doing fairly well here.  Midterms start tomorrow which is why I have a tiny lull to write anything at all not school mandated.  Below are a series of photos from within the first few weeks of classes.  We're not quite so silly now that we're nose to the grindstone, but we're doing well.  First up, my locker.  I share this with two other people, and if you can imagine two of me stuffed in there, we would be very comfortable. In short, it's HUGE!

I take a drawing class once a week, and it's been good to get my hand worked up again.  We're covering the basics; perspective, still life, using strong light and shadow, working from live models, so it has been fun.  It's one of the most relaxing classes because we can just draw for an hour or so.

This is my drafting class or Theatre Graphics.  We affectionately refer to it as "Advanced Kindergarten" because we're drawing lines and circles, working on our letters, and using lots and lots of numbers! Whew!  This class is really interesting because it's teaching me to look at things from many different perspectives and manipulate objects in my head, then transfer them onto paper.  We build models, make tiny staircases, and construct our own fireplaces (miniature) at the end of the semester.

This, my friends, is Dennis.  He's my adopted little brother and a cohort in crime as we're both class clowns.  Don't worry, I get my work done on time, and try not to cause too much trouble for my instructors.  He's hilarious and I love him to pieces.

My darling Allegra, doing a charcoal drawing at The Center for Wooden Boats where we looked at Atmospheric Perspective.  She is a sweet girl who has adopted me as her "mommy".  Each class we're in, each morning she comes over to give me a hug and I am greeted with "Momma Anna!"  Because that is what I am.  Momma Anna.

Welding in Shop.  I have only welded once to date (don't tell Greg!) and I fervently hope I don't have to weld much again.  Spending too much time with the fumes apparently makes my body angry and I start coughing and hacking.  I quite prefer soldering, thanks, it doesn't make me cough.  The very patient man in the green shirt (holding, I might add a welding mask, he is NOT staring at the light!) is Greg.  One half of the compliment that makes up our Shop instructors.  He works with Peter and together I have decided need to start their own show.  They are our adorable odd couple and make Shop so very, very much fun.  They kick our butts when we need it, and make us laugh when we mess up, and encourage us when we deserve it.

This is my Sonya, and I love her to death.  She is also a non-traditional student, an amazing mama to two kids, and general all round great gal.  She keeps us cheerful because I'm pretty sure there's not a lot in this 'verse that could make her unhappy.  I have adopted her as my big sister.

Costume Shop, with "other Anna" and Allegra.  At Cornish, you have to take Fundamentals classes that we refer to affectionately as "Fundies".  Half of it is in Scene Shop and half is in Costume shop.  In addition to that you are assigned to a show that you get to hang lights for.  You also help with Load In and Strike.  Cornish WILL keep you busy, and I love it.  Costume shop is run by Carl and his assistant, Diane.  They're lovely people, and I already adore Carl. He's a commanding cranky man who will mess with you just as much as you mess with him.  He's fabulous!

Sonya and I are often the extra teachers when it comes to sewing, because we've both sewn for ages.  So we patiently help to thread machines, wind bobbins, and assist you when Carl or Diane are busy.  That'll be 5 cents, please.

And that's it for now. I have taken more pictures of the Lighting I'm working on now, but those are for next time.  Maybe even video if I can make it work.  I love scissor lifts!  Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed your little view into Cornish.

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