Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mother's Tea #1

For Mother's Tea I'm making a corset (fingers tightly crossed) out of yummy red silk with a black lace overlay.  This is the first mock-up of the corset pattern.  I've got the second one drafted up and it's patiently waiting for me to snip it out of muslin.  Alas I have other finals to attend to.

Under the corset is going a draped-front bustle business made out of a red velvet suit my Mum thrifted for me aeons ago (2004?) and it's finally finding a happy life in this outfit.  Nothing's been cut, mostly because I can't bear to ruin that delicious (and difficult to match) fabric, so if it becomes something else later it's ready to go.  I'm using crinoline (REALLY stiff tulle) to pouf out the back bustle part and make everything else fluffy.  There will be SO much fluffy going on it's kind of crazy.
More pictures forthcoming, so stay tuned!