Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Quick, shameless plug for my other bloggy escapade.  Sonya and I are playing with keeping a Tumblr because we keep finding things which inspire both of us and have too many to share.  

Crafting Tuesday

Seems I find things on Tuesdays.  Today I had coffee with Sonya and her husband Aaron who is recovering from a stroke only a month ago.  It's astounding to watch the progress he has made.  It makes me smile as I watch him stiffly walk about, cane in hand, knowing how marvellous that simple function must be.  I paused today to be grateful for a fully functioning body.  I can move my arms, legs, and have no trouble talking.  I look forward to celebrating with Aaron on his accomplishments and spending time with that wonderful family.

After coffee, I strolled down Broadway to the Value Village on 11th.  I really shouldn't tell anyone this, because the amount of crafting loot that can be found there is rather staggering.  Patterns for $0.69!  Goodwill charges $1!  But I mustn't hoard the wealth of supplies. 

I found some fabric.  This purple plaid was only $2 and came with what I assume to be it's original tags. I think I'll steam them off for safe-keeping.  It's currently destined to become a skirt!

This sweet miniature rocking chair came home with me too.  I couldn't pass it up.  Something about the red colour, and the woven seat bottom just spoke to me.  Besides, my dollies need a place to sit, right?  Right.  I quite thought so myself.

Along with the purple, I found a red fabric that appears to be taffeta perhaps.  It drapes like silk and is super yummy.  Despite having several large holes in it, I am content to use it and wear it to pieces.  Also coming home is a scrap of green leaf print that perhaps used to be a curtain.  It might be enough for a blouse, perhaps with some accent fabric to stretch it.

I finished my o w l s sweater today as well, so stay tuned for a photo shoot for that.   So far my summer is plugging along in a wonderful fashion!  I'm so excited to begin manipulating all the patterns I have found recently.  Until next time, keep crafting!


Friday, June 10, 2011


Um.  I may have gone shopping...a huge handful of knitting needles as well as a STACK, something on the order of at least 12 or more, sewing patterns.  The best part?  They're ALL uncut.  UNCUT!  It's rather unprecedented.  On Tuesday Sonya and I are off to Capitol Hill Goodwill as part of our Artist Dates and will scour it within an inch of it's awesome life.

Other wonderful things have come to live with my little family.  One of which is a scarlet taffeta sofa purchased from a school chum and now well loved.  Even the Monster Babies approve.

Bunky: "Do you think it's big enough for us, Teeny?" 
Teeny: "...0 - o.......whoa....it's huge" 

I'm not sure how old it is, but it's certainly been around for a bit.  It's in need of repairs here and there.  I'm thinking of patching it with scraps of velvet or something plush and yummy to keep with the bohemian theme.  Also, I'm never, ever getting rid of this amazing piece of furniture.  I love it just that muchly. ^_^

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Crafty Goodness!

I've been busy!
First up is this ruffle bustle skirt I whipped up from a fab tutorial over at The Noble Hare.  Super simple and very satisfying.  I plan on adding a little more length to this though, at 18" it's darling, but I worry that my knickers may show should I bend over too far!

Next up is my o w l s sweater designed by Kate Davies of the blog needled.  It's such a quick knit that I've knit this version three times!  Heehee.  First two incarnations had minor tweaking that needed to be done.  It's frogged again and back on the needles hopefully for the last time.  However now that the weather has turned sunny it may be a little while before I actually pick this up and knit on it.  It's knit in Malabrigo which is a kettle dyed squishy-soft merino wool.  I picked it up as a reward to myself for finishing my first year at Cornish.  after forking over $80 this sweater better come out perfect! ;)

I have a few other things in progress, a brides maid dress for a friend, starting to tweak my Sabriel costume, and dreaming up ideas for Steamcon in October!  So stay tuned.