Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Crafting Tuesday

Seems I find things on Tuesdays.  Today I had coffee with Sonya and her husband Aaron who is recovering from a stroke only a month ago.  It's astounding to watch the progress he has made.  It makes me smile as I watch him stiffly walk about, cane in hand, knowing how marvellous that simple function must be.  I paused today to be grateful for a fully functioning body.  I can move my arms, legs, and have no trouble talking.  I look forward to celebrating with Aaron on his accomplishments and spending time with that wonderful family.

After coffee, I strolled down Broadway to the Value Village on 11th.  I really shouldn't tell anyone this, because the amount of crafting loot that can be found there is rather staggering.  Patterns for $0.69!  Goodwill charges $1!  But I mustn't hoard the wealth of supplies. 

I found some fabric.  This purple plaid was only $2 and came with what I assume to be it's original tags. I think I'll steam them off for safe-keeping.  It's currently destined to become a skirt!

This sweet miniature rocking chair came home with me too.  I couldn't pass it up.  Something about the red colour, and the woven seat bottom just spoke to me.  Besides, my dollies need a place to sit, right?  Right.  I quite thought so myself.

Along with the purple, I found a red fabric that appears to be taffeta perhaps.  It drapes like silk and is super yummy.  Despite having several large holes in it, I am content to use it and wear it to pieces.  Also coming home is a scrap of green leaf print that perhaps used to be a curtain.  It might be enough for a blouse, perhaps with some accent fabric to stretch it.

I finished my o w l s sweater today as well, so stay tuned for a photo shoot for that.   So far my summer is plugging along in a wonderful fashion!  I'm so excited to begin manipulating all the patterns I have found recently.  Until next time, keep crafting!


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  1. Hi Anna, thank you for your lovely comment, regarding the shoes, the brand is love label, not sure what the make f the specific shoe is but I got them off ebay and have seen them around on there
    hope it helps xxx