Friday, June 10, 2011


Um.  I may have gone shopping...a huge handful of knitting needles as well as a STACK, something on the order of at least 12 or more, sewing patterns.  The best part?  They're ALL uncut.  UNCUT!  It's rather unprecedented.  On Tuesday Sonya and I are off to Capitol Hill Goodwill as part of our Artist Dates and will scour it within an inch of it's awesome life.

Other wonderful things have come to live with my little family.  One of which is a scarlet taffeta sofa purchased from a school chum and now well loved.  Even the Monster Babies approve.

Bunky: "Do you think it's big enough for us, Teeny?" 
Teeny: "...0 -'s huge" 

I'm not sure how old it is, but it's certainly been around for a bit.  It's in need of repairs here and there.  I'm thinking of patching it with scraps of velvet or something plush and yummy to keep with the bohemian theme.  Also, I'm never, ever getting rid of this amazing piece of furniture.  I love it just that muchly. ^_^

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