Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mother's Tea 2012

The pinning, ironing, sewing, and fussing has begun!  Since I've been off from school (one half day, TWO snow days) I've gotten a headstart on the project that comes together the quickest at the end of semester.

I've started with an amazing piece of fabric that has a pseudo-colonial war scene spilling across it.  The very center has been faded by (what I presume) strong sunlight, so the fabric is almost gossamer in the middle.  I hemmed it up to give the bottom edge weight, as well as pin-tuck like detail.  The sides were pleated back to the center back for a little volume and because I don't want to cut this fabric if I don't have to.  It's so darling.

I've been re-inking some of the center details for a little refreshing of their colour.  Now the flag can really flap jauntily in the wind.

I'm aiming for a "peep show" concept with this.  She is a clockwork doll who teaches history by telling stories with her skirt scenes.  Like having a tiny theatre on your skirt.  A red (taffeta?) is draping amazingly over the underskirt to create the illusion of a traditional red theatre curtain, called A Grand Drape.  I'm not sure I will have it hiked up this far in the long run because, while I love the little flag, it's a little bunchy at the top and I do not want to stress the red fabric.  Something nibbled giant holes in it at some time, and they remind me of ink blot tests.  So far I have seen a goat, and a clown face.  I'm not sure if that is a good sign or not. Haha.

Topping the whole thing off will be a corset of some upholstery material that has yet to be decided.  I want to put a wee box seat on one side with tiny spectators peeking out over the top.  Maybe those Muppet guys who are always at the theatre?  And trim the edge with fancy tassels or something.

At this point in time, my character concept is that I am a clock-work doll who lives in a library.  Our inventor is long gone, having abandoned the library for one reason or another, and we denizens have kept it up as long and as best we can.  I hope to wrangle some other friends into presenting with me.  One as a clockwork librarian and one as something else.  Perhaps the white rabbit?  Literary concepts.  Too much fun!

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  1. Anna this is too fun! I had a similar concept of a costume mistress who has languished in an old theater and hasn't quite grasped the concept that everyone has left and keeps her clothing new from old bits and pieces from costumes that's she is still mending. :) Eva Z.