Sunday, March 18, 2012


I am surfacing, finally, only to have to duck under again.  Spring Break has a few hours left.  I was ill for most of it, again.  I did get to see my Mumsy AND go thrift store shopping.  I really must get better at taking pictures of these adventures.  She had pho for the first time and loved it.  

I have many projects coming up, and like little children, they all want my full attention.  I must delegate and attend to them one at a time, at their allotted time.  Five weeks till semester ends!  I count the days.

In other news, Stanley finally got a sleeping sack.  It is soft and white just like him.  He tried it out before I was finished though, and got stuck.

Mother's Tea will be minimal this year.  I have no time to make anything.  If I had a week, yes, but I do not.  So it's off to the closet and costume storage to pull things that will (hopefully) work.  This is a last resort idea.

The darling Midori-san gave us a kimono and obi tying demonstration weeks ago.  I still need to post about that.  
In the mean time, I shall try to take pictures as I go through the day.  Sometimes I get intimidated by pulling out my camera, and other times it is because my subject will move when they hear the thing turn on.  I like natural pictures, not contrived or posed ones.  Those have their purpose, but the natural ones are my favourites.

Back to the books!  Cheers sweets.  Sewing and knitting and regular drivel will return.  I promise.

xoxo, Anna

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