Monday, July 2, 2012

Introducing...The Girls!

I don't think I have introduced the lovely machine that does such nice work with me.  This was a gift that my honey went halvsies on with me.  I got a new sewing machine, and he gets his shirts repaired.  It's a good deal.  This new machine is very computerised from what I'm used to, can't go super slow but that is okay because it can make little flowers and BOW TIES!

Then there is this lady and I'm still pinching myself over her being here.  She was a gift.  A total out-of- the-blue gift from an acquaintance.  He asked if I ever used a serger...I said yes, mostly at school. Why?
Oh, he didn't used his so much and wondered if I would like to have it.  This was the bit where I about died, but remained oddly composed.
I brought her home last week and just unpacked her tonight.  I'm thinking she will be named Daphne.

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