Monday, September 17, 2012

FNO + The Darling Miss Andrea!

Last week I took the night off from work and went out with my girlfriend, Andrea to Seattle's Fashion's Night Out or FNO.  Andrea had found this awesome scavenger hunt that you do on your smart phone and the prizes were pretty sweet so we put our best foot forward and gave it a whirl!

We had to pose with the blue trees in Westlake Plaza...

...and find the best Anna Wintour sunglasses.

We got some fashion advice from the lovely ladies at Ann Taylor...

...and met this darling man with amazing pants by Gucci.  (really need to find out who he is!)

I pretended to pop off my pearl button plaid at True Religion, 

while Andrea swooned delicately for a photoshoot.

There was a fashion show at Pacific Place emcee'd by this lovely lady!  Her sparkly dress matched my hair so I had to ask for a snap.

We swooned over Tiffany's in our best Audrey impersonation.

Posed along red carpets.

And fed Luna bars to strangers in the park, although I'm not sure what the wacky lady below was doing.  Perhaps a little munchy?

After many, many giggles, lots of shopping our tootsies were tuckered and we paused to collect ourselves before hiking back to Andrea's apartment.

We got a fun swag bag from Free People, won a prize bag from the contest, and throughly enjoyed ourselves.  Until next time, FNO!  You were a doll. 


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