Thursday, February 28, 2013

Really?! (warning...contains tasteful nudity)

I received this email today in regards to some of my pinterest images.  This falls into my rant category of WTF it's not porn.  This is art.  Consider yourselves warned.

Hi Anna Curtiss,
We removed a pin from your account because it contained nudity. It was originally pinned from the following address:
We don't allow nudity—photos that show breasts, buttocks or genitalia—on Pinterest. This applies to pins on both public and secret boards.
Please remove any other pins you've added that contain nudity. If you don't follow our policies, your account could be suspended.
On behalf of the Pinterest community, we thank you for understanding.
The Pinterest Team

Here's the image:
Yes.  She is technically naked.  I understand this is a violation of your no nudity policy.  However it's the type of nakedness that I have problems with.  This is not porn.  This might be mildly titillating, even erotic, but honestly, it's a model of neo-classical portraiture with no grounds in vulgarity.  She is beautiful.  She exemplifies the model of 1920's feminine beauty.  

I understand (and respect) that as an entity, Pinterest is working to stay with a certain demographic, however I strongly disagree that images such as this should not be allowed.  This is beauty, art, and is tasteful, particularly in comparison to some of the crap one can find on the internet these days.  

I might comply later, but for now I'm going to be grumpy here and post these beauties elsewhere on the interwebs.  I love that they didn't ding me for the image below, but the one above.  

Keep the world beautiful my darlings, and in good taste.


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  1. Same thing happened to me, and I have seen lots of people complaining about this. First of all, their rules states no bare breasts, buttocks, or genitalia; in the photo of yours that they removed, I don't think you can really see any of those (I am assuming that bare breasts means nipples?). They removed a painting from my account, when they say they allow nudes in paintings, drawings, and sculpture. And they removed a *clothed* woman from my husband's account. Not sure what is going on over there but they seem to be having some problems. I blogged my removed photos as ridiculous.