Thursday, January 16, 2014

On Tattoos

I was chatting with my husband and father in law tonight, recounting favourite work stories, and I realised how new I really am to the world of 'those who have tattoos'
I recently finished up a chest piece, which is something I never really thought I would invest in, but am enjoying now that I do. 
I had an encounter at a Christmas party wherein a middle aged woman came up to me and tried to wipe off my tattoo with her hands. She wasn't rough, I wasn't injured, but entirely perplexed. My companions with whom I was in conversation with, were also perplexed. Upon recounting this story to friends later I found their reactions to be more along the lines of "why didn't you slap her?"  Well, because I have never been in these situations before. One can think of how they would react within a certain situation all they want but until one has gone through several of the same, you will probably react with complete perplexity. 

I think there should be a tattoo ettiquette. Namely; do not touch other people without asking. You wouldnt like it if I just randomly came up and started touching your hair or clothes. Don't touch tattoos, or the clothing of the people who have them. Its not yours. Ask first. Be understanding if the person says no. Its their body, not yours. 

That being said, I love my tattoo. It not only is special because of the Ravens who I view as a sort of spirit animal, but also because it makes me happier about my chest.  I have always had a large bust, and this tattoo, while causing people to look at my chest, distracts from just staring at my breasts.

Tattoo done by Halley Mason at Two Birds Tattoo in Greenwood, Wa

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