Thursday, May 29, 2014

Documentary Review: Meet the Fokkens (2011)

This documentary about Amsterdam's oldest prostitutes was utterly charming, and a sweet look at the relationship of these twin sisters.

Louise and Martine Fokkens have been red light workers for over 50 years, with an estimated 355,000 men serviced between the two of them.  

I liked this film because it is quirky, and about the sex industry, a topic that probably bothers most people but one that I am fascinated by.  Louise and Martine retired at 70 years of age, due mainly to arthritis, but also due to some difficulty in attracting new clients.  These sisters spend much time reminiscing about what they refer to as the "golden age" of being a prostitute, growing up, raising families, and musings on life.  They're utterly charming.  I encourage you to give this a watch, there is a wee bit of nudity here and there, but the girls will win you over with their adorable banter.

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