Friday, August 1, 2014

Life...and Stuff...and Things.

Lately my life, in general, has felt much like the cat in the above picture.  NOPE.  Not gonna, don't wanna.  We're all in a jumble here at Chez Millbank.  Firstly, we're trying to move, have a couple of leads on places, but nothing definite yet.  I started a new job selling computers (Yay Apple!) and it's going better now that I've been there a month.  Wedding planning, you ask?  HA!  I've basically postponed that until after we're moved in when I can actually think about that again.  

My mom was super sweet and suggested we go have a picnic supper on Thursday.  We ended up on Greenlake with a VERY cheeky squirrel who wanted some of our dinner.  

This is my life at present.  Boxes and packing and more boxes and more packing.  Suddenly never moving ever again feels rather appealing...but I have a Box Fort!  So everything will be okay.

I'm sorry I am neglecting this space, I love writing and hearing from people.  Soon!  I shall be back soon with more England posts, wedding dress updates, and a 1920's post!


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