Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Freshly Listed

Some fun little striped handwarmers are finding their way onto my Etsy Store!  I'm knitting away like a mad woman here since it is the only thing keeping me sane during all this wedding prep!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

New Digs!!

Well, last month we moved in to a darling little apartment that really feels more like a house over in Ballard.  It may have been nearly a month ago, but I'm still settling us in and unpacking boxes.  There is still re-arranging to be done, and fussing of the perfect places to put things, but progress is being made, so I am happy.  

We finally have an entire bookcase devoted to board games.  Hoping to host game nights one we're totally settled in.

The "Entertainment" wall.  Books, films, and music will live here.

Our closet is a bit awkward, the opening is far, far smaller than the entire space so I took the doors off to give us more access since we share this one.  Thinking I'll do some sort of curtain treatment to it in the future.  For now, it's helping.

You never know what is in your new garage!  Lurking beneath that bedspread is a beautiful dresser!  Bonus Dresser!  The last tenants left it here and since no one has asked about it or contacted me, I'm going to polish it up and adopt it into our home.

Pretty cabriolet legs!  All the hardware was sitting in the drawers, and the mirror mounting was in there too!  Very excited to restore this beauty.

And finally, it wouldn't be my house without twinkle lights.  A little "canopy" above our bed.