Tuesday, October 21, 2014

T-10 days!

Oh you guys!!  I cannot wait to tell you all about the wedding fun that is approaching.  Mostly I cannot wait to share my dress.  I ended up buying one rather than making mine as originally intended, and it is turning out so lovely.  Nate and I are adhering to the "no seeing wedding duds before the wedding" rule and it's going to be so much fun!
I picked up his tux yesterday so we have garments bag hanging out with each other until the BIG DAY!  Which, as my calendar reminded me, is in 10 days!  Meep!

Mom and I have been accumulating ALL the Halloween decorations and I think when this is over I'll be set for Halloween decor for LIFE!  It's been a little difficult because she will see something that is awesome and will want to get four of them and I will ask if she will use them at her house.  Naturally it's more my style than hers and she'll say no, and so they remain at the store.  I can only have so much crow paraphernalia before it gets ridiculous.  A hint at things, here and there is more my style.  The bowing crows in the above picture are currently decorating my mantlepiece and will also decorate my wedding!

We found the tiniest pumpkin salt and pepper shakers too!  Things are so cute it's starting to hurt.
Next week we start decorating so stay tuned for updates and if you follow my Instagram there will be loads of pictures on there as well.