Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Measure for Measure, Dog of the South, and the FUTURE!

Oh my dears!  I have been busy!  Busy and planning.  I want to start using this space for writing and sharing ideas.  I want to start producing articles that are interesting but also help me process information that I have learned.  But first, a round of catch-up...

I have been working with Seattle Shakespeare Company and Book It Repertory Theatre as a Dresser and Wardrobe Mistress.  This means I oversee a myriad of things from applying hair pieces, to basic costume maintenance, to doing the laundry each night.  For Shakes I worked on their January production of Measure for Measure.
I did this wonderful lady's hair each night.  KarenJo played our own Mistress Overdone, a Madam who loses her brothel to a corrupt government official.  

Tech for M4M required me to not only perform some quick-change magic, but also become a lighted hat stand!  Sometimes my darling husband asks what I do, so he gets pictures like the one above.

Some barely visible mending thanks to techniques my mother taught me.  

In the end, all was restored in our little town, the lovers married, the corrupt dealt with, and the good rewarded.

Nathen and I celebrated Valentine's Day a little later (I had another tech!) with an afternoon of board games and proper tea.  

Next up was Dog of the South based on a book by Charles Portis.  A fun road-trip story of a man whose car and wife are stolen by his best friend and his adventure through Mexico and British Honduras getting them back.  I did a lot of "underdressing" for this show.  Underdressing is when we layer several costumes on an actor so all they or I have to do is help them off with some pieces and they're ready to go!  Here I have two of three costumes that were worn by one of the actresses.

What do you call the dresser who helps put on an Aligator head each night?  A Gator-Aide!

At present, I am in tech for another Book It show, Little Bee and worrying about what is next for me.  It is a funny thing to jump from safety of a day-job to the uncertainty of gig work, and I have definitely been feeling the low rumble of the stress.  I think it is why I haven't been present here.  I don't feel like writing anything good, I just want to whine and no one wants to read that.  I am still alive and still working.  You can keep tabs on me on Instagram if you so choose.  I am Hibougirl.

Much love,

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