Friday, November 6, 2015

Halloween 2015!

My dear friend Sonya and I are gussying up as Alice and The White Rabbit for Halloween this year! Doing our own takes on characters that are near and dear to our hearts is a challenge and really fun. 
I found this cornflower blue fabric with navy diamonds back in August and knew at once that it would be for my Alice. 
I toyed with the notion of a traditional version (plain dress, apron) and found it to feel too juvenile for my tastes and how I wanted to be perceived. So I married an 1840's bodice with a very full circle skirt and I feel like that is the ingenue look that I want for this character. 

I finally got the bodice and skirt put together and let it sit on the dress form overnight; partially to let the hem hang and partially so I didn't go too fast on it. 

I played around with some various trims and ended up using three different ones from my stash! I am so glad that I had the time to go slowly on this project and let it become the best version of itself!

Steaming out the fringe!

Finally just went with these grey spangled mesh sleeves. They didn't work until I had gotten more trim on the bodice and then the sleeves made sense.

Some rhinestones along the bodice for extra visual interest.

Ended up forgoing traditional laces and using safety pins! I liked the one hard detail against all the softness and lace. Very punk and a little goth.

I drew inspiration from both Theda Bara and Siouxie Sioux in my makeup for the evening. This Alice isn't a little girl any more. She has fallen down the rabbit hole and see far too many things. It was a really fun look to create and I look forward to doing a proper photoshoot with my darling Rabbit so we can have proper pictures!