Monday, December 21, 2015

Solstice and Yulemas!

Just popping in to say Happy Solstice!  Welcome back SUN!  I have missed you dearly.
We're in the thick of it all, and of course, I caught a cold.  Been laid up on the sofa for the last four days.  Today, finally feeling more myself, I still stayed on the sofa nursing the horrid cough and sniffle that is left over.  Four days till Christmas (meep!) Sunday was my brother's birthday (Hi Levi!!) and then just a few small get-togethers with friends and family to round out the year.

This year I was able to get a couple of stockings put together (FINALLY!!), the red fabric was sitting around in my stash for a good three years.  I really haven't had the excess time to do anything with it until now.  I had notions of grandeur about embroidering our names on the white bits.  Got my name done, and was putting it together when I realised I had not only gotten my name on backwards, but upside down!  Happily I was able to fold it around in such a way that I did not need to make another top, my mistake is just exiled to the back of the stocking.
I am hoping for a couple days of snow, but it's also Seattle.  We don't get much of that gorgeous white stuff, but a girl can hope!  Stay tuned for a Me Made 2015 round up of all the garments I have sewn this year!