Monday, February 22, 2016

2015 Handmade Round Up! (a.k.a. Better Late than Never!)

The title makes this sound a bit like a dust-raising shin-dig, but it's a much quieter corralling of the projects I have completed this year.  I always try to keep track of things (as makers do) but invariably lose track of when things were begun, or when I finished them.  I should just keep a Making Journal and have a page for each project that I begin and try to sorta, kinda keep notes as to where the materials came from, what pattern, and when I got it finished.  That would be nifty to look back through.  Hmmm...

Anyway; here is a collection of the sewing and knitting projects I finished this year!

January / February
The beginning of the year was spent working on a couple shows with Book It Repertory Theatre and knitting.  Finished Jared Flood's Kelpie Shawl and wore it non-stop backstage. 


~THX 1138 Cosplay Commission~
McCall's 6107


~Sugar Skulls Sundress~
Modified McCall's 6891

M a y

~Grey Fiddlehead Sheath~
Simplicity 1609

J u n e

~Elephant Dress Revamp~
Simplicity 1609

~Strawberry Fields Dress (finished)~
Personal Sloper & Modified Vintage New Look Pattern 6004

~Blue Feathers Eddie Izzard Dress~
Leanne Marshal for Simplicity 1755

July/ August / September
Not a lot of sewing, but a lot of theatre, job hunting, and new job starting!


~Alice in Wonderland Dress for Halloween~
Bodice modified from Butterick 5832 and self drafted FULL Circle Skirt

Not much sewing went on, just a lot of frantic Christmas knitting!


Christmas Stockings
from this Pinterest tutorial

~Disney Princess Casual Dress~
slightly modified Simplicity 1354

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