Sunday, July 31, 2016

Farewell July!

Hello lovelies!

I've been up to some fun things this month and figured a round up of things would be fun to put together.

Ran around downtown feeling like a goth spy in my trench coat and Modcloth dress.  Did you know that the name of the trench coat is because it was first worn in the trenches of World War I?  I didn't!

Nathen and I succumbed to the thrill of Pokemon Go and we've been strolling around catching those elusive little 'Mons and battling Gyms!  Too much fun.

I am in the process of recreating the dress my Mom is wearing on the left.  Found some perfect blue gingham at Joann's on sale, and the end of the bolt!  Snapped up about 4 yards and am modifying a Simplicity pattern.

 Nathen and I ran around Ballard on the 14th catching more Pokemon after having a lovely dinner together.  It's been fun to relive parts of my teenage years with this game. It came out when my brothers were the perfect age, so naturally I got engrossed in playing the card game and we all watched the tv show for a while.  Having it as a game on my phone has been just as fun!

 Rattata, on the left, tried to nibble Nate's shoes!  We stuffed him in a pokeball and fed him some pokecandy.

Drowsee, on the right, thought my bed was just the best place for bouncing.  I let him have a couple jumps before catching him too!

My dear friend Bethany and I started a podcast!  We cast when we're able, so it's almost on a bi-monthly schedule.  You can listen to our pilot episode here.

 On the 19th, Bethany, her mum Becky, sister Kamryn, and I went to a knitting event at a Mariner's game!  Aptly titled, Stitch N'Pitch, we got fun swag bags (which were perfect for a knitting project or some extra yarn from the fun vendors at the event) and had a wonderful evening.  Yes, we also played Pokemon Go and caught a couple that appeared to be right down on the field!  It was really lovely to spend time with these delightful women, knit, and mostly watch the game.  While the Mariner's didn't win, a grand time was had by we four!

 Just this last weekend, my buddy Aidan and I wandered around the Ballard Locks (he had never been there before!) shamelessly caught a bunch of pokemon, soaked up the decadent sunshine, and enjoyed the excellent company.

Can you spot Aidan in the tree on the left?
 Admittedly, I haven't lived in Ballard very long, but I was unaware we had a counterweight bridge for the trains that run along the edge of town.  So beautiful it's rusty glory.

Can you find Aidan on the right?  :D  He had too much fun climbing the trees.

No trip to the Ballard Locks is complete without a jaunt over to the Fish Ladder!  There was a spiffing polished metal sculpture that evoked the swirling eddies and crashing water.  We decided the left-hand picture is our folk/punk band album cover.

 I treated myself to a thrift store jaunt, and found the above green skirt!  I love a good paisley and this 90's skirt even had pockets!  I didn't have the add them in!  The stunning vintage number on the left was found by my darling friend Sonya upon learning that I don't have a pink dress.  Believe it or not, the under-layer is a delicate pink reminiscent of an old ballet slipper.  The black meshy overlayer renders the entire ensemble a stormy lavender and it fits like a DREAM.  Sonya didn't measure me or the dress!  Meant to be.

Yesterday was spent out in my beloved Lincoln Park over in West Seattle celebrating my friend Jocelyn's birthday!  She wanted a Hobbit themed party since she turned the same age as Pippin was in The Fellowship of the Ring.  We have decided we also need to have lavish Hobbit parties when we each turn 33 which was the same age Bilbo and Frodo were when they left the Shire.  We did a D&D style Choose Your Own Adventure with the Scouring of the Shire as our basic outline.  We kicked Saruman out of the Shire with a leprous Hobbit and the magical powers of another!  Felt beards, Hobbit ears, and a Gandalf hat were mandatory and very fun.  Jocelyn made Lembas bread as well, which was delicious!  Lembas was what the elves of Lothlorian gave the Company to eat on their journey.  While it was touted that "One small bite can fill the belly of a full grown man", the Hobbits, Merry and Pippin ate more than their weight in lembas before their departure from Lothlorian.  I definitely fulfilled my role as Merry and tucked away more than one delicious triangle of this bread!

I've got some sewing projects to fill you in on for next time, as well as the second episode of The Backstage Knitting Podcast!

Much love,

Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Hello my dearies!

I always wonder how I manage to neglect this dear little blog and then it's been nearly five months since I last posted and I realise my life has been busy!  I need to dedicate time to creating posts since there are so many fun things I want to share with you.  We ran off to England again in May and finally visited Scotland and I have pictures and stories from that.  I attended the Fremont Solstice Parade for the first time and that was delightful.  I need to write those up soon!

I wanted to pop in and say hello and that I need to actively try and make time for this space.  I need to writing exercise and the "social" interaction.