Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Samhain 2016!

Halloween, or Samhain is a beloved holiday for me since I'm all about dressing up in costume!  This year a couple friends and I threw a small party at my house that was all about being relaxed.  We had been to other events in the past couple years but they generally left us tired and hollow the next day rather than glowing and happy.  So Super Chill Samhain was just the thing for us!

I made a bunch of chili complete with a side of cornbread, and then added some pumpkin pasties for good measure.  Friends brought delicious finger foods and other desserts until my kitchen table was fairly groaning from all the delicious food! 

I ran around dressed as a girl version of Dean Winchester from the tv show, Supernatural and my darling Sonya was Sam Winchester!  As usual, we neglected to snap a picture of us together, but we looked fab!

Sonya brought out her Halloween decorations and we plastered my windows with tiny rubber bats, added plastic flies and rubber mice to our pitcher of drinking water, and made my apartment all cozy and spooky.

We had to taste-test the chili to make sure it was acceptable!  Happily, it passed with flying colors.  Sonya also made an amazing punch with Cherry Dr. Pepper, Ginger Ale, Pomegranate juice, cherries and pomegranate seeds.  It was dark and beautiful.  The bubbles caused the punch to appear as if it was simmering gently in the huge cauldron, with little pomegranate gems bobbing up and down.

Aidan came over as a Demon/Calcifer (from Howl's Moving Castle!) and chopped up a fabulous assortment of strange fruit and veggies in the kitchen.

He may have gotten a little goofy...

This is called a "Hand of Buddha" or a "Fingered Citrus" and is one of the oldest citrus fruits.  It was like extremely pithy lemon, and when nibbled produced a slightly spicy flavor.  We added it to the water just for fun!

Miss Sophie Hatter came to sip punch with us and keep Calcifer in line!

We ended up watching Beetlejuice, Hocus Pocus, and then Over the Garden Wall. If you have never seen Over the Garden Wall, YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST!!  It was absolutely amazing delight of music, delicate, handdrawn cell animation, and brilliant storytelling.  Produced by Cartoon Network in 2014, it was a series of 10, 10 minute episodes that culminate in a full tale of two brothers lost in the woods.  Or are they?

Miss Sophie helped us light the fire and kept Calcifer well fed over the evening.

All in all, it was an amazing night full of just the right amount of social interaction, good food, and relaxation I think we all needed!  Until next year!