Monday, December 5, 2016

Holding Space

I'm not even sure what to write about today other than I want to be more present here.  I feel a little lost in my world right now and unsure what to focus my time and energy on doing.  Sewing isn't interesting right now.  I am actively working on one knitting project.  I podcast (have I told you about that yet? I don't think so) but otherwise I am not fulfilling my creativity and creative energy.

I went to dinner last night with dear friends.  We shared plates of food and wonderful conversation and left saying "We really should do this again.  Soon!"  I feel like I always say that, but have difficulty following through unless I actually SET a date and time.  I should add that to my New Year's Goals.  Spend more time with enriching friends.
Spend more time outside.  Spend more time making things simply for the joy of making things.  Spend time.
We did just that last night.  We spent time walking through my neighborhood, sometimes three abreast and sometimes with me in the lead.  We stopped to say hullo to the neighborhood cats and marvel at the plants and trees gone to sleep.  We sipped the air and remarked on how it tasted of snow.
We sat at a table sliced from a tree, running our fingertips along the smoothed grain and marveled at the colours and texture.  We wobbled in chairs made from stumps, worn smooth from many hands and seats.  We passed food and ideas back and forth, laughing and contemplating.  We bonded deeper and I felt the threads between the three of us grow.
We trooped back to my house in the deep blue cold, arms crossed over our chests and breath pluming out into the night as we marveled at the smudgy Trickster's Moon.  The cantaloupe slice of Cheshire Cat grin that smirked at us all the way back to my apartment.  We seamlessly loaded a bed frame into a car like the stage hands we are.  Moving easily as though rehearsed a hundred times.  I bowed my head to have the back shaved down and relished the touch of my friend's hands and the growl of the clippers.
Today I feel a small sense of renewal and peace.  I would much rather be home, cozied up in my kitchen with stew bubbling on the stove, music flowing, and crafts to make but that is for later.  Another time, another moment holding space and bonding.